About Jared

Jared Solomon has always firmly believed in the power of ordinary people to make a difference. An Army JAG Reserve Officer, community leader, and good government advocate, Jared has spent his life fighting for change in his community. His campaign for State Representative of Pennsylvania's 202nd District succeeded due to its focus on many important issues in the community, such as crime, poverty, and corruption. After beating a 42-year incumbent in a heated primary, Jared Solomon is ready to go to Harrisburg and stand up for the Northeast.


Jared Solomon has a record of leadership and problem solving. As the founder and president of the now 500 person strong neighborhood association “Take Back Your Neighborhood”, Jared has made enormous strides in the effort to revitalize his community. His organization is responsible for starting youth sports programs, cleaning up parks and streets, and collaborating with local law enforcement to promote safety and trust. When anyone in the neighborhood has a problem, he works tirelessly to solve it. While other politicians talk, Jared does.


Raised in Castor Gardens by a single mom, Jared has always remained loyal to the neighborhood that brought him up. He is committed to bringing out the best in the Northeast, starting with investing in its youth through local schools, recreation centers, and libraries.


A graduate of Swarthmore College and Villanova Law School, Jared is a skilled attorney with experience in education law, securities and antitrust, election reform, and human rights.  Jared is the representative for the 202nd Legislative District and hopes to bring real leadership to the Lower Northeast and to Harrisburg.




District 202


Friends of Jared Solomon

Harold Yaffe, Campaign Chair

Zackary Arnold, Treasurer




PO Box 7522, Philadelphia, PA 19101