When times get tough, Jared gets tougher. Jared knows how hard the middle class works to feed their families and pay the bills. That's why he's going to fight for more jobs and higher wages in our community. Jared also is business-friendly and will lead initiatives to address poverty in the area.



Throughout his life, Jared has learned that everything- public safety, a healthy economy- starts with education. We have to be able to give our kids the skills they need to make a mark in the world. Jared will go to Harrisburg and fight for more funding for Northeast schools so that all children have the opportunity to learn.


About Jared

Public Safety

Jared knows that it is equally important to be tough on crime while building healthy relationships between the police and the community. Jared will collaborate with local law enforcement and community members to make sure our neighborhoods are kept safe.


When our roads and pipes are falling apart, it's time for the city to step up to the plate. Jared will demand more funding for infrastructure in the Northeast and begin the process of sealing the fractures in our neighborhood.

Join the Team


Jared will lead initiatives to take care of the environment and clean our neighborhood. From revitalizing parks to organizing neighborhood cleanups, Jared has and will continue to be a champion of going green. It's one step in continuing to build a community that we can all be proud of.


Above all else, the strength of our community depends on our ability to unify under the common dream of creating a greater Northeast. Jared will organize neighborhood events and continue to sponsor programs that bring us together.



Friends of Jared Solomon

Harold Yaffe, Campaign Chair

Zackary Arnold, Treasurer




PO Box 7522, Philadelphia, PA 19101