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Jared Solomon is a lifelong resident of Northeast Philadelphia and the current representative for Pennsylvania’s 202nd Legislative District in Pennsylvania. He was first elected in 2016. He is dedicated to standing out as an ambitious and vocal leader for Philadelphia and all residents of Pennsylvania. As an advocate for the community, Jared is focused on building relationships with community leaders and other legislators to solve the many complex issues we are facing as a city and state. Jared is bringing both good governance and common-sense solutions to the Commonwealth.


After the sweeping 116-count federal indictment that ensnared many of the political power brokers in Philadelphia, Jared stood up and spoke out against corruption. Jared has called for institutional changes that place political accountability and courage at a premium. Jared is a champion for bringing new energy and voices into the political process. In recently enacted election reform, he worked hard to bring early voting and mail-in voting to Pennsylvania. In addition, the new election code modernization expands voters’ franchise by extending the voter registration deadline from 30 to 15 days prior to an election. This is only the beginning - there is much more to be done, such as same-day voter registration and removing all the archaic language from the Pennsylvania election code.

Jared has earned the respect and admiration of his constituents, colleagues, and community leaders for his bipartisan approach to being an elected official. He believes that the role of government is to improve the quality of life for fellow citizens. Jared is proud to have over six pieces of legislation signed into law during his relatively short time in office, including: 1) investments in workforce development; 2) helping our veterans; 3) fighting gun violence; 3) creating a commission to welcome the nation and world to PA for our 250th birthday; 4) creating a one-stop shop for businesses to streamline state services; 5) providing money to our most vulnerable during COVID-19; and 6) stabilizing our small businesses during the pandemic.


In his first bill, Jared worked closely with Rep. Matt Gabler (R-Clearfield) to successfully pass House Bill 1231, now Act 69 of 2017. This law expanded the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs registry reach by adding other agencies to the process that may help identify veterans who can benefit from Federal, state, and local programs. Jared has the strong ability to rise above partisanship in order to help those in need.


During his time in office, Jared has fiercely championed the same community that raised him. He and his team have made themselves accessible to the community taking prompt action to ensure that issues are quickly addressed and resolved. When a critical piece of green space in his community was going to be turned into a gas station, Jared teamed up with the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, PennEnvironment, State Senator Christina Tartaglione, and the local community to stop the gas station and then lay the groundwork to open it as a space for the Kinder Academy preschool and bring back the Police Athletic League (PAL).


Jared has strived to address safety concerns in his neighborhood, making Northeast Philadelphia a safe place for all. Jared is proud to secure additional funds for the gun violence task force to help address the gun violence epidemic in Philadelphia.

He has also worked extensively to reinvigorate investments in infrastructure and strengthen the business corridors of the Northeast. Since taking office, Jared has brought many programs such as the Philadelphia Food Trust’s “Night Market”, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Philadelphia Ballet, and other enriching events that represent the unique diversity of his district in Northeast Philadelphia. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has stepped up to support small businesses. He was instrumental in the passage of a $225 million grant program to help small businesses impacted by the virus, especially businesses that have been historically or systemically left out.

Before his time as a state representative, Jared served as the President and founder of  a local civic group from 2008-2016. While he was president, the group grew to a 500-member neighborhood association aimed at community improvement, community building, and increasing neighborhood quality of life. While serving as the president for nearly 10 years, Jared worked to foster and protect the future generation of Northeast citizens by establishing a youth basketball program, building playgrounds and revitalizing our business corridors. 


Jared is a graduate of Swarthmore College and earned his law degree from Villanova University. He serves as an Army Reserve JAG officer. He practiced as an attorney with experience in securities, antitrust, and election law. He was raised in Castor Gardens by his mother, who worked as a public school teacher. Jared currently lives with his wife Tiffani in Castor Gardens. His district covers the neighborhoods of Castor Gardens, Oxford Circle, Lawncrest, Lawndale, and Burholme. 


Jared is working to change the narrative of Philadelphia; he believes that politicians can rise above the corruption that has held back our city. He is asking the questions that need to be answered, taking the steps that need to be taken, and standing up in places where others back down - and he’s making sure the people are with him every step of the way.

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