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About Jared


A lifelong resident of Northeast Philadelphia and raised by his single mother who taught school, Jared Solomon grew up believing in a Philadelphia that serves all its residents. Jared made history when he defeated a 42 year incumbent and was elected State Representative for Pennsylvania’s 202nd District. Jared’s priorities as a legislator are guided by his commitment to community service, good government, and a Philadelphia for all. Following these principles, he is known for putting partisan politics aside to reach across the aisle to champion policies to improve the lives of Philadelphia families. Jared is proud to have passed over six pieces of major legislation during his relatively short time in office, including: 

  • Investments in workforce development

  • Helping our veterans

  • Fighting gun violence 

  • Creating a commission to welcome the nation and world to Pennsylvania for our 250th birthday

  • Creating a one-stop shop for businesses to streamline state services

  • Providing money to our most vulnerable during COVID-19

  • Stabilizing our small businesses during the pandemic

In addition to Jared’s legislating in Harrisburg, he continues to be an advocate and voice inside of Philadelphia. In 2019, after the sweeping 116-count federal indictment that ensnared many of the political power brokers in Philadelphia, Jared stood up and spoke out against corruption. He was the only elected official to speak out in 2019, and continues to be the only elected official publicly advocating for transparent, ethical, and good government.


Prior to becoming an elected official, Jared was a public servant for the neighborhood he grew up in, Northeast Philadelphia. Jared was raised in the Castor Gardens neighborhood by a single mom. He is a graduate of Swarthmore College and earned his law degree from Villanova University. Jared made the ultimate commitment for his country and serves as an Army Reserve JAG officer. He practiced as an attorney, before founding  a local civic group from 2008-2016. While serving as the president for nearly 10 years, Jared worked to foster and protect the future generation of Northeast citizens by establishing a youth basketball program, building playgrounds and revitalizing our business corridors. Jared and his wife, Tiffani, live in the same neighborhood Jared grew up in, Castor Gardens. 


Jared is working to change the narrative of Philadelphia; he believes it is finally time politicians rise above the corruption that has held back our city. He is speaking to truth to light, taking the steps that need to be taken, and standing up in places where others back down. It is time the government stop serving the needs of the corrupt few and instead govern as a Philadelphia for all.

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