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Work in The Capitol

An Act amending the Taxpayer Relief Act, in senior citizens property tax and rent rebate assistance, further providing for filing of claim.

To direct the Department of Revenue and Treasury to process 2019 rebate payments for all homeowners and renters who received a 2018 rebate, and to issue those payments immediately. This saves the bureaucratic paperwork and just gets the payments out. Also, people's eligibility for the program rarely fluctuates from year to year - no one gets any younger, almost no one recovers from their long-term disability, and very few of the applicant pool see massive jumps in their income year-to-year.


Second, for anyone who became eligible in the past year, issue rebates immediately upon receipt of their application instead of waiting until July 1. Many of these people, in fact, have already applied for their rebate.

In Committee

An Act amending Title 44 (Law and Justice) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, providing for actions by law enforcement.

Our legislation would outlaw the use of the standard chokehold and define positional asphyxia as any action that inhibits breath or the flow of blood to the brain due to physical position. As we all saw clearly in the case of Mr. Floyd, Mr. Garner, and others, chokeholds are not a safe or appropriate tool for law enforcement in the course of their daily duties.  This is a sister bill from the Senate, sponsored by Senator Street.

In Committee


Urban Affairs

Subcommittee Chair on Cities, Counties: Jared G. Solomon

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