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A rough vaccine rollout has even Democrats turning on Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf

"State Rep. Jared Solomon spent Monday organizing a vaccination effort for more than 200 people in his Northeast Philadelphia district.

“Everyone agrees we could be doing better,” the three-term Democrat said, describing constituents as “anxious, scared, and frustrated” about their ability to find and get shots. “I just decided I would take things into my own hands and start delivering for people.”'

Solomon and his staff worked from a list of eligible constituents who had called his office seeking vaccines. He also used a “robo-call” in his district to let people know about the program. Slots filled up quickly.

Solomon avoided directly criticizing Wolf but said he worries Pennsylvania isn’t keeping up with other states.

“This is something where I think all folks think we need to do better for people,” Solomon said." - Read the full story.

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