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Locked gates and 4-foot-tall grass: Conditions at 2 Philly cemeteries leave families in anguish

State Rep. Jared Solomon, who represents the area and has received numerous calls over the last few weeks, said he first became aware of problems at the cemeteries in 2017, when Mount Carmel was vandalized. Of the 500 headstones reported to have been knocked down at the time, he said, about 100 were from the vandalism, while the remaining had crumbled from what he referred to as “the real vandal: negligence.”

“At one of the most difficult moments that any family member has to deal with, which is the loss of a loved one, Levy is entrusted with showing that the lasting memory of those loved ones are honored over the years,” Solomon said. “He has year after year failed to deliver for family members who are currently in mourning, or just want to visit a loved one to feel close or connected.”

With help and pressure from Solomon and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Levy eventually hired a landscaping company to tend to the grounds, work that started last week. Levy said he will reopen once that process finishes, which he hopes will be soon.

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