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"In Spring of 2019, I was the only elected official to speak out against the corruption and fraud John Dougherty ushers into Philadelphia politics. Here we are, two years later, awaiting trial and justice for those 116 indictment charges of fraud and John Dougherty is arrested again for 19 different charges of conspiracy and extortion. Two years ago, it was revealed he was bribing lawmakers. Today, we learned John Dougherty is threatening companies to hire his family members and when those family members are confronted for absences and underperformance, John Dougherty sends in his assailants to rough up the company managers. I am appalled and speechless at this behavior.

John Dougherty should be using his position to work with Philadelphia’s government to increase working standards and livelihoods of Philadelphia’s working families. Instead, he is using his position for personal gain and family favors.

I denounce this behavior and any lawmakers who do his bidding. These puppets include City Councillor, Bobby Henon, who represents the 6th City Council District. I called on Henon to resign from office two years ago and as his trial approaches, I stand by my request. As I said then, we in the 6th District deserve better, and we cannot wait until Election Day to get it.

A $31 million dollar school deficit, a failed COVID19 response, and gun violence rising. If the past year has shown us anything, it's that Philadelphia doesn’t have time to waste. It’s time to rid Philadelphia’s governance of John Dougherty and corruption, so we can begin to do the true work of government- improving Philly lives.” - Jared Solomon, State Representative, Pennsylvania’s 202nd District

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