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The Roosevelt Boulevard subway would change my life

Updated: Feb 2

As a 17-year-old high school student in Langhorne, getting to the places I need to be is always at the top of my mind. Living in Bucks County, I have discovered a recurring problem that affects me and the children of my age group almost every day: a lack of public transportation infrastructure.

I have been utilizing SEPTA for a little over two years now. Whether it be to get to work, the grocery store, or a social event, SEPTA’s service has always been lacking in my community. The buses do not run as frequently as they do in more urban areas of Southeast Pennsylvania and even riding the bus can be challenging because once I get off, I have to scurry across a main road with no sidewalks or pedestrian protections.

Working in Bucks County is not economically feasible for some because the wages tend to be lower. So I began searching for jobs in Philadelphia where wages tend to be higher. Like many young adults, I cannot afford to purchase a car, so I must rely on public transportation to get to where I need to go. Also traveling to Northeast Philadelphia, where my family lives, can be burdensome when taking the bus because I have to wait for a while on Roosevelt Boulevard and the bus often gets stuck in traffic, further worsening my travel time.

Recently, I learned about a proposal to build a subway along Roosevelt Boulevard, a subway that could potentially connect the Neshaminy Mall to Center City by a 35-minute train ride.

If this proposal were to come to fruition, it would change my life. It would make my commute to my job in Old City manageable and give me the chance to pursue other opportunities. The Roosevelt Boulevard subway would further connect me to my family as this project would also extend access to the Broad Street Line all across the Northeast and create a much more efficient transit system. Today, I must rely on pricey Ubers and long bus rides to get to work and see my family, but if this project were to be completed, I could one day ride the subway from Neshaminy Station all the way to City Hall or maybe to an Eagles game.

“People in Philadelphia and Bucks County would love to see this project brought to life.”

— Nicolas Montero

People in Philadelphia and Bucks County would love to see this project brought to life. My abuela always says how she loves shopping at the Home Goods stores in Langhorne and traveling to the Neshaminy Mall, but she just doesn’t like the long bus rides. This project would ensure that people like her could commute safely and quickly from their neighborhoods in Philadelphia all the way to our community here in Bucks County.

Young people in Bucks County would also benefit greatly from a subway going to Center City from Neshaminy as it would connect us to a broader range of opportunities that many wouldn’t be able to access without adequate public transportation. The public infrastructure in Bucks County is in desperate need of an update and that is exactly what this project would bring. It would modernize our community while making it more affordable for younger residents to stay in town.

This project would spur the local economy and help to put extra money in my pocket, something that we could all use right now because of inflation.

It’s time to invest in our communities. Let’s get the Roosevelt Boulevard subway shovel-ready.

Read more here.

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