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From an early age, Jared has dedicated his life to the service of others. He has served as an Army Reserves Captain in the JAG core for six years. He serves as a Captain in the Army Reserves, helping soldiers in his role as a JAG Officer. From coaching and mentoring a youth basketball team in his neighborhood to providing award winning constituent service as state representative, Jared works to help those in need.


In Harrisburg and at home, Jared provides steady leadership to solve complex and difficult problems we face today. Jared has worked tirelessly to build relationships with all members of the legislature so that he can advance meaningful legislation to help improve the quality of life for citizens of Pennsylvania. In an age of unprecedented bipartisanship, Jared has become a leader that his colleagues trust. Over the past 15 years of service in his community, Jared has earned the reputation of a leader who is moving the community in the right direction.


Jared has delivered on every promise he made to the community during his campaign. Since taking office in 2017, Jared has passed 6 pieces of legislation: workforce development - pipeline between school + jobs, money for gun violence task force, USA 250, small business support program, accelerate rent rebate payments, and veterans bill.

Bringing Good Government to Pennsylvania

After the sweeping 116-count federal indictment that ensnared many of the political powerbrokers in Philadelphia, Rep. Solomon spoke out and stood up. Rep. Solomon has called for institutional changes that place political accountability and courage at a premium.

Culture of Corruption

Open Primary Elections

 Rep. Solomon has called for open primary elections. As one of the only nine remaining states with closed primaries, Pennsylvania fails to represent 1.2 million independently registered voters in primary elections. Therefore, candidate selection is left to more partisan voters, which increases political gridlock.

Rep. Solomon is a champion for bringing new energy and voices into the political process. In recently enacted election reform, Jared worked hard to bring mail-in voting to Pennsylvania. In addition, the new election code modernization will expand the franchise by extending the voter registration deadline from 30 to 15 days prior to an election. This is a good start, but we need to do a lot more such as same say voter registration and removing all the archaic language from the Pennsylvania election code.

Early Voting

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