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The Issues


Jared has dedicated a vast majority of his campaign and time in office to improving education in the area. Jared knows how important the early education and early life experiences of our children are. He also knows how vital it is to promote children to their full potential and letting every child have their shot to succeed.


The City of Brotherly Love has one of the most diverse yet inclusive communities of anywhere in the country. And Jared has promised to continue building upon that foundation and creating more community engagement and events to respond directly to the needs of those in the 202nd.


Public officers of any uniform work For The People and are tasked with protecting those who fall under their jurisdiction. We must take a much smart approach to our public safety mechanism in this country and focus specifically on the issues at hand. Our country has simply put band-aids on the bleeding for too long without making any attempt to repair the broken artery--No more.


Our state faces a worldwide challenge unlike one we’ve ever battled before. A record high unemployment rate and economic turmoil for the majority of Pennsylvanians is not something Jared will sit by idly and watch pass by. When times get tough, Jared gets tougher. Jared knows how hard people work for their money and how important it is for parents and others to provide a sustainable living for them and their families. Jared will continue to help build  jobs, create growth, and end poverty in the Northeast.


Climate change is an inevitable crisis that we have watched snowball over the past decade to the point where we can no longer reverse some of the effects. That is why Jared is committed to making sure that we lessen our carbon footprint and do what we can to make our air, water, and land as clean as possible for the generations to come. Renewable energy, electric cars, and more efficient regulation and quality control are all parts of the equation that eventually add up to a more sustainable and healthy environment.


Our streets are torn apart and our bridges are crumbling. We cannot watch our incredibly hard-built City and State fall to pieces simply because we are too engaged in needless division. The structure upon which our economy, educational systems, healthcare, and general way of life is built cannot be abandoned and left to rot away. That is why Jared will make sure funds are appropriated to the right departments and proper offices to provide efficient and equitable public works.

social justice

The tragic and system discrimination that is embedded in our nation’s laws and structures is something that Jared has fought against for years, and with the public spot light shining brighter than ever on social inequalities in our Nation, Jared will work even harder to ensure that our State does everything it can to reverse, reprimand, and restitute the damages done to minority communities.

Public Safety & Police Reform
Social Justice

Jared is proud to lead on advancing good government initiatives in Harrisburg and Philadelphia. Jared has taken substantial action on these matters and is now a leading voice in Philadelphia fearlessly calling out the culture of corruption.

Good Government
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